Canihua (Keen-wa)

Just when you’d got the hang of pronouncing quinoa (keen-wa if you’re still not complete sure), come along its superfoody cousin canihua – or kaniwa - aka baby quinoa. Equally as a high in protein but higher in iron it’s cooked and used in pretty much the same way as quinoa but canihua’s big selling point among those who know their grains is that it doesn’t contain an ingredient called saponin.

High in protein and iron

Regular quinoa eaters will know that this is the substance that coats normally quinoa and gives it a slightly bitter taste if you don’t rinse the grain before cooking (you knew you had to rinse it first right?). This not only makes it easier to cook and slightly nicer to taste, it also makes it potentially more paleo diet friendly. You buy canihua online now here in the UK and expect it to start appearing in more health food stores soon.
Oh and while we’re talking quinoa, the hot new trend in the US is drinking quinoa. A blend of quinoa flour, water, agave and fruit it’s being described as an alternative to cereal bars for those who want some grain based goodness on the move….We’ve not tried adding any to our shakes yet, but if anyone out there is in the mood to get creative let us know how you get on.