Farming - a profession of hope

Welcome to rich South American food world

LATIN AMERICA’s abundant natural resource endowment will allow the region to continue playing a major role in world agricultural production and trade.

The heterogeneity of agriculture in LATIN AMERICA is reflected in the diversity of the region’s farm structures. While agriculture in the Southern Cone is dominated by large, commercial and export-oriented farms, particularly in Peru , Argentina and Brazil but increasingly in other countries as well such as Uruguay, Bolivia etc. Much of the rest of the region is characterised by smallholder and family agriculture. It is estimated that there are 15 million smallholder and family farmers in the LATIN AMERICA region, who are responsible for a substantial share of the region’s food production.

As regards trade, while the region as a whole is a major supplier of grains and oilseeds to global markets, as well as bananas, coffee and sugar, large differences exist across the subregions.

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

The modern, affluent lifestyle has taken us away from the use of fresh fruits and vegetables. The diet has become high in saturated fats, refined sugar, meat, and commercially processed foods. These tasty, rich, heavy and sweet foods have little nutrient value. People substitute lack of nutrition in food by chemical supplements. Latin fruits , nuts and vegetable translated as ‘science of life’ is the ancient natural wisdom of health and healing.

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