Carob Powder (caffeine free)

Carob Powder (caffeine free)

A caffeine-free chocolatey substitute for the health conscious Similar to Cacao powder but higher in fibre, with a naturally sweet flavour and mild taste. Our Carob Powder originates from the lands of PERU Naturally Sweet, it is derived from the pod (that contains a luscious, edible pulp) of a carob tree. Once dried and roasted, the pulp is ground into a powder!

About our Carob Powder

The carob bean is an extremely versatile superfood, possessing a sweet nutty cocoa flavour and is rich in soluble fibre.

Our carob powder can therefore be used as a healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Its chocolate-like taste means that it can replace cocoa or chocolate.

Free from caffeine or theobromine our carob powder is ideal for people sensitive to the effects of caffeine or who want to avoid caffeine.

It is lower in fat than cocoa and boasts 3 times more calcium too. Simply, substitute it for recipes that call for Cocoa or Chocolate. It is similar to cocoa powder in colour, yet has a characteristic special flavour and texture of its own.

For all the pet fanatics out there, carob is a pet friendly substitute to chocolate. Surprise them on the days they made you feel how special you are, with some carob treats made just for them.