Muna (Minthostachys mollis)

Muña is a plant that grows in the regions of Ayacucho, Puno and Cusco and has a pleasant flavor often compared to mint. You can easily find muña growing in the Andes, where it is popularly served as an herbal tea alongside mate de coca. It has high levels of calcium and phosphorous, which makes it good for teeth and bones, preventing osteoporosis. Muña also aids digestion and stomach pains and can treat intestinal infections and inflammation.
Appropriate to fight altitude sickness
It has carminative and digestive properties.
Relieves flatulence and diarrhea conditions.
Benefits hardening of bones due to its high amount of calcium and phosphorus.
Prevents osteoporosis .
The muña based cream is used to cure rheumatic pain, fractures, luxations and wounds.